MELBOURNE ACCOUNTING PARTNERS is a proactive and progressive firm based in the heart of the CBD. We offer strategies to maximise the success and growth of your business and pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients as both a business advisor and a business partner.


Taxation is complex and there are times when you need more than simply having a tax return completed. From strategy development to implementation and review, Melbourne Accounting's taxation consultants have the knowledge and experience to provide outstanding outcomes. We provide taxation services to a wide range of clients, from individuals and private companies to small, medium and large businesses. We consider it to be important not only to manage your current year's tax affairs, but to plan for the next tax season during the current tax season to make next year's tax smoother than ever.

Accounting & Compliance

Do you ever get frustrated trying to deal with the accounting and compliance issues within your business? It might be that you need someone to help you tackle those day to day issues and guide you on the right track so your business can provide you with meaningful, accurate and timely information. Or, it may be that you are after advice or help with:

  • Year end compliance requirements;
  • Preparation of regular management accounts;
  • Preparing your tax returns for you and your business;
  • Profit and Loss or Cash Flow Budget preparation;
  • Setting up and managing accounting software for your business.

We provide you with solutions to better manage your accounting functions and the opportunity to talk with us on a practical, no fuss level.


Since the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2000, Melbourne Accounting Partners has provided practical, high quality, reliable advice on a broad spectrum of GST issues to businesses of all sizes, in a range of industries, including not-for profit organisations. From ABN applications, to preparing your periodic Business Activity Statements (BAS), Melbourne Accounting Partners provides a simple solution to all your GST requirements. 

Corporate Secretarial

Melbourne Accounting Partners prides itself on its Corporate Secretarial Services, providing a complete range of corporate secretarial and support services for all types of organisations, large and small. With our electronic lodgement system, we ensure that all your ASIC compliance requirements are met efficiently. We also have built a good relationship with ASIC to solve any issues which may arise over the life of your company.

Super & Self-Managed SuperFunds

Our staff are highly experienced in all superannuation matters, from individual superannuation to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, and can put you in touch with our reputable financial planners to find out the best outcome for your investment.

We realise that from a financial perspective your business and personal life is intertwined and we approach our superannuation and financial services to our clients in the same way. For this reason, we have a reliable financial planning network that assists clients in pulling together their business and personal goals, and employs relevant strategies to ensure your situation has been thought of not only for today, but also for tomorrow.   

Sale of Business & Succession Planning

Whether you are 3 months or 30 years away from selling, your ultimate sale objective is something every business owner needs to think about. After all your business is an investment and selling is all about realising the full dollar value. But before you sell, there are a few key questions you need to consider, such as timing, value, market, structure, reporting and tax implications. 

Or perhaps you are thinking of handing your business across to your family? If you are looking to hand your business to your children or relatives, there are a few key issues to think about.

Often external advisers can be a major benefit to smoothly transfer ownership of your business. Melbourne Accounting Partners can provide accurate and meaningful advice, protect your interests and achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.

Business Consulting

Strategic Business Consulting improves the performance of our client's business. We add value by helping businesses to formulate a clear vision, identify sustainable competitive advantage, and develop and implement their strategic plan. We have experience in advising entrepreneurs on the establishment of your business. We are skilled at assisting entrepreneurs and prospective business owners to progress from being innovative risk takers to becoming sound business managers.

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